Solvent Free Products

Hemp Haven Farms is proud to introduce our newest line of CBD products created with a “Whole Spectrum” extraction process. We have selected our organically grown Suver Haze variety because of its impressive cannabinoid profile. Scientists at American Extractions in Janesville, Wisconsin, are able to “deconstruct” or open flowers’ cell walls to access valuable, intact molecules. Their approach is rooted in physics and the technology allows extraction without solvents or chemicals. This enables the extraction of 99% of the plant’s benefits and results in nano-sized particles, providing greater bioavailability. American Extractions is an FDA approved facility and each product is tested nine times before it is packaged! We hope you will try this fabulous process utilized in our tinctures, pain foam, lip balm, dog treats, tablets and fruit chews. 
Meet us at the Sun Prairie Farmers Market Saturday mornings or visit to order.