Delta 8 vs Delta 9 THC

We have had many customers ask if we sell Delta 8 products. The answer is NO! And here is why:

  • Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC has been declared federally legal by DEA and federal courts. Delta 8 is currently banned in most states, but there is a lack of regulation.
  • Delta 9 is extracted naturally, along with CBD. Delta 8 is synthetically created by adding caustic chemicals to CBD oil. Can we be sure all those nasty solvents have been removed?
  • While some enjoy Delta 8, many have experienced negative reactions while using it. There have been many deaths and reports in hospitals or poison centers due to use of Delta 8. 
  • Delta 9 is approximately five times stronger than Delta 8.
  • Delta 9 is available, easy to use and legal.

If you do decide to use Delta 8, please be sure it is from a reputable business that shows COAs (Certificate of Analysis).