How is THC legal in Wisconsin?

I see “THC” on packages but I thought it was illegal in Wisconsin. 

 (You may have seen a similar article from us previously, but we have so many customers still unaware of the legality of these products).

Because of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived Delta 9 THC was declared federally legal about one year ago. Products extracted from legal hemp plants are legal, even when containing THC. So, basically, it is the source that makes it legal. Molecularly, the THC extracted along with CBD and other minor cannabinoids is the same as the THC extracted from a marijuana plant. No need to drive to Illinois or Michigan, as these products contain the Delta 9 THC you would expect from a fruit chew (gummy) extracted otherwise. 

We have met people from every age and lifestyle that benefit from this natural remedy for pain or just to relax and kick back, with no known side effects.