Trouble Sleeping? CBN may help.

Do you have difficulties falling asleep? Perhaps we have an antidote for you:

Our CBN Fruit Chews with a small dose of THC (2.5mg), 15mg CBN and 30mg of CBD are becoming popular for those of us struggling with this issue.

Cannabinol (CBN), has not been extensively studied yet, but research so far indicates it does assist in providing a natural sedative. The cannabinol is extracted from the sativa plant; actually a degrading type of THC without the psychoactive property. The sedative properties of CBN along with the small dose of THC and relaxing CBD, can perhaps alleviate sleep issues. While scientific research is still limited, many customers have reported CBN chews really help with better and more restful sleep. 

* Use caution and do not drive when using this product.

* As always, consult your health provider before starting a new supplement.