Why do our fruit chews and tinctures present better results?

Recently, a customer mentioned he has purchased “gummies” from Illinois (stop that!) and stated that our “Fruit Chews” taste better and make him feel so much better. Why?

The answer is in the cannabinoids in our biomass, along with an innovative, solventless extraction method, creating super small particles that your body can absorb efficiently. Other extraction methods rely on chemistry, which do not extract all of the cannabinoids present in the plant. The particle size is larger, resulting in a lower absorption rate of 50 to 70%. 

 “Cellular Deconstruction”, the method used by American Extractions for our products, is a solventless extraction that utilizes physics instead of chemistry. This method extracts 100% of the cannabinoids, in the same ratio that Mother Nature grew in the plant. Super small, nano-sized particles are created, allowing your body to absorb nearly 100% of the cannabinoids. Those cannabinoids get to your bloodstream quickly, without going through your liver.

Additionally, our Fruit Chews are vegan (using pectin, not gelatin) and with real fruit.

So, all in all, the extraction method used to create our Fruit Chews are used better by your body; and therefore saving your money!